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                               Congratulations to the Winners of Chilrens Day Classes
                                          at 2013 Gallery Equine Grand National
                                                    Photo courtesy of SWD Images

Members & Visitors are able to source information regarding SHC operations, its competitions and activities held at local, State & National  level.

The Show Horse is best described as a horse (hack) which competes in Led and Ridden classes on the flat at Royal and other Horse Shows. The show horse is judged on conformation, movement, manners, paces and presentation. On the Ring and during its workout it should display these qualities to such a degree that the judge is able to place the exhibits in order of that judge’s preference, the winners in each class going forward to contest for Champion.

Breeding plays a huge role in achieving the desired attributes, ponies & galloways in particular are bred to produce stock that can compete in the Show Ring. Saddle horses in the main come from the racehorse industry however bloodlines  are still relevant when seeking good temperament, conformation etc.

Riders on the Flat have a proud tradition in Australia and complete the overall package of excellence of  horse and rider.



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